Slow Food Asia Pacific Festival 2015

Cool Farmers and Real Tastes

Date  Nov. 18th (Wed.), 2015 ~ Nov. 22nd (Sun.), 2015

Venue  Hall 9, Ilsan KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province

Participatory room : Slow Food Network, 6th Industrial Zone, Fermented Food Zone, Slow Living
Experience room : Tasting Workshop, Slow Café, Slow Food Kids, Slow Cha
Extra programs: Dinner Party, Farmers’ Workwear Fashion Show, International Conference, Slow Food Spot, Gastronomic Science School (short course), Slow Cha Award
Pre-event: Slow Food Market, Tasty Talk Concert

Key programs

Slow Food Farmers Back-up Project

There are farmers who farm behind-the-scenes to keep the co-existence of humans, nature and earth happy. The nation-wide Slow Food Farmers Back-up Project aims to support sustainability of slow food farmers by becoming co-producers ourselves.

Slow Cha

Slow Cha introduces Korean, Chinese and Japanese teas. Tea lovers get a chance to reflect on the value of Asian tea and the need to spread the tea culture. They also can take part in the warm and savory network between producers and consumers.

Slow Food Kids

Kids take part in various events and programs for hands-on experience with their parents to learn that food, farming and eating are not only fun but good for the world. The program also introduces safe and healthy food to promote the right eating habits.

Key foreign participants

Carlo Petrini : Founder of Slow Food Campaign
Paolo Di Croce : Secretary General, International Slow Food Association
Dylan Jones & Bo Songvisava : Thailand / Top chef
Shinobu Namae : Japan / Top chef
Maroun Chedid : Lebanon / Top-Chef
Nazilna Hussin : Traditional Malaysian Cooking Instructor
Ivan Fuser Bittar Brehem : Singapore / Top-Chef
Hiroyuki Tsukada : Japan / Top-Chef

Major Activities by Slow Food


Global, grassroots organization to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions.

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Ark of Taste

Project classifying and protecting endangered products

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Project supporting producers and protecting traditional production modes

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Terra Madre

Network sharing knowledge and experience to preserve ark of taste and Presidia

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